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A partial denture is often the preferred dental restoration for patients missing multiple teeth in one part of their mouth. It is created using exacting standards from durable dental materials capable of replicating the physical presence and essential function of the lost or extracted teeth.

As strong as your partial denture is there still things that could potentially chip or damage the unit. Even if the compromised denture still fits comfortably in your mouth, you should still have it examined and addressed to prevent future complications.

If the event that damaged your partial denture has also affected the underlying gums or surrounding soft oral tissues a dentist like Dr. David Ewing can also treat the oral trauma. Once immediate concerns have been addressed he can help you understand your options for repairing or replacing the partial denture.

Replacing a damaged tooth, rebasing or realigning the denture might be able to affect the repair without needing to fit you for a full replacement.

Going forward, you might want to address the cause of the damage to your partial denture and make any necessary changes to prevent future problems.

If you live in the Davison, Michigan, area and your partial denture has been chipped, fractured, or compromised in any way, you can call 810.653.4100, to have it examined and addressed at Irish Road Dental.