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Dental fillings are designed to improve your smile by filling in cavities. When dental erosion occurs to the point that harmful acids begin eating through your tooth enamel until a hole has formed, a cavity will be present. A cavity must be treated to prevent further damage to a tooth, which can lead to tooth loss. If you have a cavity, a reliable dental filling will be required.

Dental fillings, including composite fillings, are designed to eradicate cavities. The benefits of a composite dental filling are as follows:

– Composite fillings are also known as tooth-colored fillings because they can match the natural color of your teeth.
– Composite fillings can last up to ten years of use before a repair or replacement may be needed.
– Unlike amalgams, composite fillings can be replaced without ever having to remove the original.
– Composite fillings are more preventative to tooth fracture and better sealants of the margins than dental amalgams.
– Composite fillings are mercury-free.
– Composite fillings can be used to fill in cavities that would otherwise be too small to have a traditional filling placed. In situations where microscopic cavities are barely detectable, composite fillings can be effectively placed to provide the treatment necessary.

Are you ready to enhance your smile for the use of composite dental fillings? Composite dental fillings may be the dentistry service you need for your cavities. For an oral checkup at Irish Road Dental at our dental office in Davison, Michigan, please schedule an appointment with Dr. David Ewing and our team by calling our office at 810.653.4100.