The Answers to Your Dental Implant Questions

Dental implants are strong and beneficial dental restorations that can help you in many ways. However, they are also very complex, which can make them quite confusing and even overwhelming. This oftentimes results in many questions. So, if you have dental implant questions that are holding you back from restoring your smile, our dentist, Dr…. Read more »

You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Cleaning Appointments Because of These Reasons

If you’re in the habit of skipping your routine dental cleaning appointments, then your smile can be in grave danger. It’s vital to visit Dr. every six months if you want to maintain a strong and successful oral health. To explain why you shouldn’t skip your six-month checkups in , , our dental team is… Read more »

Water Flossing Can Drastically Improve Your Oral Health

If you want to upgrade your oral health care consider the benefits that alternative cleaning utensils such as water flossers can provide. Water flossing can drastically improve your oral health. The benefits of water flossers include the following: – Water flossers are designed to clean between teeth like normal dental floss can, with the key… Read more »

A Bridge Restoration Might Be Able to Restore the Presence of a Previously Extracted Tooth

The void left behind by a tooth that required treatment by extraction can lead to a myriad of potential complications. Beyond obvious things like impaired oral function and changes in your smile’s appearance, the missing tooth can also cause changes in the alignment of other teeth in the area. As time passes, the teeth adjacent… Read more »

A Dental Implant is a Good Option for Restoring a Lost Molar

The large molars at the back of your mouth serve an important function in chewing and grinding the foods you consume. When one is lost to untreated decay, avulsion or required extraction, it can impair your ability to chew and it can even increase your chances of choking on a piece of food. There are… Read more »

Experience New Adventures with Your Glorious Dentures

Every broken smile deserves to shine once more. If your smile is missing a few teeth, don’t settle with a smile that is doomed to eternal unhappiness. Although artificial teeth may not be yours, they can look and function as good as or in cases even better, that the originals. Experience new adventures with your… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: The Facts

You probably know that your wisdom teeth usually erupt after all of your other teeth, generally between the ages of sixteen and twenty years old. Since your wisdom teeth are the last to come in, there often isn’t enough room for them to erupt properly. This can lead to a number of serious complications. If… Read more »

Tooth Extraction Recovery

Having a tooth extracted is a serious and extensive treatment, and at in , , we encourage our patients to prepare for the appointment as much as possible. To help you do so, our caring dental team has three helpful tips for you. Tip #1- The worst thing you can do on the day of… Read more »

Healthy Foods for Your Smile

As you may know, certain foods can harm your pearly whites. For instance, foods and drinks like soda and candy can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay. However, did you know that there are several foods that could actually help your teeth? For example, you probably know that an apple is good for your… Read more »

The Changes That Happen to Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

The human body changes when a woman is pregnant. Pregnant women need to take care of their bodies to make sure their baby is healthy. However, many pregnant women forget about the importance of protecting their oral health. In reality, if pregnant women don’t care for their teeth well, they could experience a number of… Read more »