What is a root canal?

Located inside each tooth is a series of root canals, tooth nerves, and dental pulp. Normally protected by your tooth enamel, this delicate area can quickly become painfully infected if decay has reached it. If this occurs, Dr. David Ewing may suggest root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is designed to remove all infection from the inner portion of your tooth and reconstruct your root canal system. Once this has been completed, our gentle dentist will fill your tooth with a strong, rubber-like material known as gutta-percha to restore the integrity of your tooth structure. To complete the treatment, our team at Irish Road Dental will seal off the tooth with a dental filling or dental crown.

Are root canals painful?

We understand that many of our patients are nervous about coming in for a root canal in Davison, Michigan. Under our caring direction, you need not fear. When performing root canal treatment, we use gentle skill and precision. We also utilize anesthesia and sedation as necessary to keep you pain-free and comfortable. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, you may be in need of root canal treatment. We invite you to contact our dental office for more information. We look forward to restoring your smile!

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