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How often do you inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of dental damage? The answer should be a lot, because it is important to routinely check your oral health for any signs of damage that can arise. It is also important to look for gum disease, which refers to a gum tissue infection. To help determine if gum disease is present, always look for common signs and symptoms. Frequently asked questions regarding gingivitis are as follows:

Question: What is gingivitis?
Answer: Gingivitis is an infection of the tissues surrounding your teeth. This can be caused by the buildup of plaque.

Question: What are some of the common symptoms of gingivitis?
Answer: Various visual clues indicating the presence of gingivitis includes excessive redness or swelling of your gums. Furthermore, if you frequently suffer from bad breath or bleeding gums, gingivitis may be to blame.

Question: What are some of the risk factors for gingivitis?
Answer: Gingivitis can often arise due to poor oral hygiene issues associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices. Furthermore, several issues that may be out of your control can also increase your risk for gingivitis. This can include genetic predispositions or the presence of diabetes and a pregnancy. Even medications you may be taking can increase your risk for gingivitis.

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