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Have you suffered from any mouth, lip, neck, jaw, or facial pain recently? If so, all of those different ailments could all be linked specifically to your jaw. If jaw pain frequently occurs, it is what is known as chronic joint pain. In order to effectively treat jaw pain, it is first important to determine its causes. Listed below are a few possible causes of jaw pain:

– If you suffer from any sinus problems, it can lead to jaw and facial pain.

– Oral hygiene deficiencies, including toothaches and mouth infections, can promote the existence of jaw pain.

– If you suffer from arthritis in your head, neck, face, or jaw, jaw and facial pain will often be present.

– Oral accidents and injuries are a known cause of jaw pain.

– Various oral health conditions including bruxism, periodontal disease, and TMJ disorders are known to cause jaw and facial pain.

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