Emergency Dentistry

Fast Appointments for Emergency Dental Issues

Don’t let sudden oral pain or a dental emergency keep you in discomfort. Contact Irish Road Dental in Davison, MI for an emergency appointment and fast relief.
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Emergency Dentistry for Kids and Adults

Nerves around teeth are very sensitive, and the pain that comes with irritation, infection, or decay of your teeth and gum can be quite unbearable. Additionally, pain that comes on suddenly is usually indicative of a severe issue that won't heal on its own and can lead to other problems. We are committed to offering fast services that bring comfort and restore oral health through a variety of emergency dental services, including:
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We safely remove damaged teeth causing pain.
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Root Canals

A routine procedure to heal infected areas of the tooth.
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Contact Us for Oral Pain Relief

We offer emergency dental appointments for sudden pain, teeth damaged in accidents, and other causes of oral infections. If you're in discomfort, don't put off calling our office. We offer fast and effective treatments to restore oral health and relieve the pain you're experiencing. While some emergency issues might require multiple visits for a complete repair, our priority will be reducing your pain.
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