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Restorative Crowns and Bridges in Davison, MI

Irish Road Dental in Davison, MI offers our patients restorative crowns and bridges to fill gaps or repair teeth that are broken, chipped, stained, or have gaps. Learn to love smiling again.
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Learn if a Crown or a Bridge Is Right for You

A broken or cracked tooth that still has a healthy root and doesn't need to be replaced can be repaired with a crown. We'll bring back its original shape and full function. Crowns can also hide minor blemishes. Bridges are ideal for filling gaps where one or two teeth are missing, creating a solid bond with surrounding teeth.

Each option will prevent further tooth decay and other oral complications, giving the patient a robust, complete set of teeth.

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As with all of the restorative dental services at Irish Road Dental in Davison, MI, our crowns and bridges are customized to fit and match each patient’s specific dental needs. Using a consultative approach, our professionals will assess your situation, explain your options, and help guide you to the right choice. No matter which you choose, you’ll receive care from a compassionate team of dentists for excellent results. Schedule your consultation today.
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