The Most Natural and Functioning Implants

Irish Road Dental in Davison, MI offers incredible dental implant procedures to fill in spaces of missing teeth. Whether you need one or multiple implants, we’ll provide a solution that will look natural and last for years.
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Dental Implants in Davison, MI

A dental implant is the most authentic tooth replacement option that looks and acts like the rest of your teeth. The implant is a titanium rod placed in the space of the missing tooth and anchored to the bone. A crown is placed onto the rod, forming a strong and solid substitute for the original tooth. You will be able to eat, drink, and brush your teeth as you always have without having to remove the implant.
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Enjoy the Benefits of a Complete Set of Teeth

Missing teeth not only makes people insecure; it can cause challenges when eating and speaking. Don’t let one or multiple teeth keep you from flashing a confident smile. We offer superior dental implant services with products that act and look just like your other teeth. We offer consultations to determine a perfect implant match for you and provide high-quality services for incredible results. Contact us to learn more about dental implants.
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