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If you are a proud wearer of a dental crown, you know the value it holds for your healthy smile. When you were first fitted for your dental crown, you know that it is designed to last a very long time. But what should you do if the unforeseen happens and the crown falls out?

If your crown seems loose, breaks off or falls out, you will want to call our dental office as quickly as possible to find the best course of action. We will recommend treatment or replacement of the crown depending on the cause of the crown failure.

What should you do if your crown falls out? Don’t try to clean or brush the exposed abutment or the crown. Inspect the abutment in the mirror to see what is going on. If the cement failed the crown, you will notice a dull metal or small nub of tooth standing out from your gums. Check your crown to see if it is hollow. Should this happen, your dentist will clean the crown and abutment and cement your crown back to where it was.

Another cause might be gum disease. If gum disease forces your gums to recede, bacteria can infiltrate the edge of the root where the abutment meets the crown. The bacteria can also attach to the abutment, weakening it, and can also infect the pulp and root of your tooth. If this happens you will be able to see a fracture in the abutment at or near the gum line. You will also see part of it inside the crown. If this is the case you may require a root canal to place the tooth structure.

If your crown does unexpectedly fall out, keep calm and contact your dentist as soon as possible. We will help you to remedy the situation as conveniently and quickly as we can. We are here to keep you smiling for many years to come! 810.653.4100.