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If you’re in the habit of skipping your routine dental cleaning appointments, then your smile can be in grave danger. It’s vital to visit Dr. David Ewing every six months if you want to maintain a strong and successful oral health. To explain why you shouldn’t skip your six-month checkups in Davison, Michigan, our dental team is happy to give you details.

The first reason why you shouldn’t skip your six-month checkups is because our dental team provides a necessary cleaning treatment at your appointment. This treatment can completely remove the tartar from your teeth and gums and save your smile. Tartar is a toxic substance that can destroy the underlying bone and cause loose and lost teeth if it’s not removed regularly. Your oral hygiene routine cannot remove this substance from your smile, so your professional dental cleaning is vital for your oral health.

The second reason is because our dental team strengthens your teeth with a professional fluoride treatment. The fluoride dives into the teeth and strengthens the enamel, giving it the ability to fight tooth decay and enamel erosion. It’s important to expose your teeth to fluoride often.

The third reason is because our dental team inspects your teeth, gums, and entire mouth and searches for any dental issues. If you have any issues, which might even be issues you cannot feel, we will give you the treatment you need before the matters get worse. This can help you prevent pain and complications in the future.

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